Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tactical Simulation Online Marketing

Secret Number 9

Publishing online is just the start. You need to provide the proper training to your sales and marketing staff in order to expand your market base. Gain valuable insights into what is going on online through the use of good analytics to test and verify your marketing and advertising efforts.

Just like in the military, with using tactical simulation software, no commander would throw their warriors into battle without proper training. Don't throw your sales and marketing personal into battle without the use of advanced online marketing tools to get your business discovered online.

The Tactical Simulation (TACSIM) system is designed to provide training to intelligence staffs, collection managers, and analysts in a simulated war situation. TACSIM accomplishes this goal by simulating and stimulating selective electronic intelligence, imagery intelligence, communications intelligence, human intelligence, and U.S. Army and joint intelligence systems. TACSIM is composed of several parts: the main user interface, a remote tasking interface (via secret internet protocol router network), and a TACSIM proprietary interface. The TACSIM proprietary interface is used for National Collection Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) visualization as well as Multiple UAV Simulation Environment. Read more about the TACtical SIMulation (TACSIM)

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