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Market Intelligence Strategy

Secret Number 4: Information Is The Online B2B And B2C Marketing Strategy

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This is the one area online that a company has complete control over. As the General of your company, you can choose to keep information completely hidden online or allow the Internet search bots to find it. If you choose to accept this mission of increasing the information on the Web about your business, you can expect to start obtaining new sales leads and new customers by allowing visitors to find you on the Internet using the keywords and phrases in the search box related to services and products that sets your B2B and B2C brand apart.

What marketing information to share is completely up to you. Certainly you would not want to share specific intelligence reports of a intellectual property nature because the spies are out there from the enemy (your competition), and they are gathering intelligence reports about you. Though, not sharing any general information because of this fear is very problematic for the health of your company in the long run.

Each and everyday the Internet is filled with millions of pages of newly published information. This information is being cataloged by the online search engine robots. These robots don't care which side of the war you are on. All the information is feed into control center where it is processed by very specific and complex algorithms which then are distributed to the searcher through other search algorithms to provide results on the searcher's screen.

So, a company must begin with published content and herein lies the Market Intelligence Strategy to begin with. While generally speaking, market and competitive intelligence has to do with the understanding or knowing the "What and How customers will decide tomorrow," [Wikipedia] it is extremely important to understand "Why" customers in a much broader sense will come to make their decisions tomorrow using the Internet as their number one source of information for All purchases, not just the purchases made online. The Internet has drastically changed the way businesses operate today. Everything has been affected by the Internet. The only question for many businesses today is: Do you get it?

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